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The Granny Mod APK is an exciting and thrilling game with stunning 3D graphics and an engaging storyline. In this game, you must try to survive in a house filled with zombie monsters and hidden mysteries. You must be stealthy to avoid getting caught and eaten by the monsters.
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The Granny Mod APK is an exciting and thrilling game with stunning 3D graphics and an engaging storyline. In this game, you must try to survive in a house filled with zombie monsters and hidden mysteries. You must be stealthy to avoid getting caught and eaten by the monsters.

The game is played in night mode, and the scary sounds add to the horror of the game. This haunted game is sure to frighten anyone who plays it. The best part is that it is available for free, so you can enjoy all of its excellent graphics and features.

Granny Mod Apk


Hide from Granny

In Granny, you must be extremely careful as you play because there is a granny character wandering around the house. If the grandmother finds you, you’ll have to start the game over from scratch. You should attempt to elude detection by hiding under the bed as soon as you hear the granny coming. There is just one way to leave the grandmother’s house in the game. Remember, Granny is a horror and thriller game, so be prepared for some tense and suspenseful moments as you play.

Collect Keys

In Granny, you will encounter various doors throughout the game, some of which will be locked and some of which will be open. Finding the keys to the locked doors is your objective. The house is dark, so you will need to use a flashlight or lamp to find the keys. Keep in mind that you can only carry one item at a time, so if you pick up a key, you will need to try it on every door to see if it opens. As you explore the house, you will need to be strategic and thorough in your search for keys and other items.

Escape House

To win Granny, you must escape the house by any means necessary. There are multiple ways to escape, such as by helicopter, boat, or door. However, you will need to work hard to gather the items and tools you need to unlock new doors and paths that will lead you outside. Be careful not to make any noise or drop anything on the floor, as the granny character can hear everything and will catch you if you make a mistake. Remember, the only way to win the game is to escape the house, so be strategic and resourceful as you try to find a way out.

Find Clues

In Granny, you will need to find and gather various items in order to escape the house. There will be clues scattered throughout the game to help you find these items, but you must be careful as you search. If the granny character hears you, your game will be over as she will catch you. There are several places where you can hide from the granny, but you will need to move quickly and stealthily to avoid being caught. As you play, be on the lookout for clues and items that will help you escape the house and win the game.

How to Install

To obtain the game, you can follow these steps:

  1. On your phone or the device, if you wish to download the game too, go to the settings.
  2. In the settings, locate the security option.
  3. Under the security option, find the option for “unknown sources.”
  4. Enable the unknown sources option, ignoring any warning messages that may appear.
  5. To start the game’s download, go to the download link and click.
  6. Locate the Android folder using your file manager after the download is complete.
  7. In the Android folder, find the Granny Mod APK file and click on it to open it.
  8. The moment you click the install button, the installation process will begin.
  9. After installation, the game is available for free play.

Tips and Tricks to Survive Granny’s Haunted House

Surviving Granny’s haunted mansion requires wit, strategy, and nerves of steel. Here are some valuable tips to help you stay alive and escape Granny’s clutches:

1. Stay Quiet and Stealthy

Granny mod apk has incredibly keen hearing. Avoid running, dropping objects, or making any unnecessary noise that could alert her to your presence.

2. Master the Art of Hiding

Utilize wardrobes, beds, and any available hiding spots to conceal yourself when Granny approaches.

3. Use Headphones

Immerse yourself in the game’s eerie atmosphere by using headphones. The sound cues will help you anticipate Granny’s movements.

4. Be Resourceful

Collect items and tools that can aid your escape. Pay attention to the surroundings to find hidden objects and keys.

5. Plan Your Escape Route

Have a clear escape plan in mind. Know the layout of the house, potential exits, and how to unlock them.

6. Time Management

You only have five days to escape, so manage your time efficiently. Prioritize tasks and objectives to maximize your chances of survival.


The Granny Mod Apk is an exciting and immersive gaming app for players who enjoy a thrilling and adventurous gaming experience. In this game, you have to find your way around Granny’s house and get out without getting caught. High-quality graphics in the game add to the gameplay’s sense of realism.

If you choose to play the modified version of the game, you will have the advantage of being able to take zero damage, allowing you to play without worrying about losing lives or energy. With this feature, you’ll be able to easily defeat even the toughest opponents and become the top player.

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