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Cooking Fever Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/Gems) is the perfect game for those who have a passion for cooking and have always dreamed of becoming a top chef with their own restaurant.
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Cooking Fever Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/Gems) is the perfect game for those who have a passion for cooking and have always dreamed of becoming a top chef with their own restaurant. In this game, you’ll be able to prepare mouth-watering dishes, draw in customers, and furnish your small restaurant. You’ll save money and expand your opportunities by hiring workers to help you run the business. As you gain popularity, you’ll work towards making your restaurant the number one choice in the city.

You can even create VIP seating for special customers and much more. The Cooking Fever mod apk allows you to virtually become a renowned and highly sought-after chef, experiencing fame and success in the culinary world.

Features of Cooking Fever Mod Apk

Variety of food delicacies

One of the highlights of owning a restaurant is the chance to offer a diverse range of dishes to customers. In Cooking Fever, you’ll have access to over 1300 dishes made with 350 different ingredients. The only limit is your desire to cook diverse and delicious food for your guests. This game offers endless possibilities for creativity in the kitchen.


Cooking can be a challenging task, but the game recognizes this and rewards players with gold and experience for every successful meal they serve. Players can complete missions and level up to advance in the game. The more skilled and efficient they are in the kitchen, the more experience they’ll earn, which can be used to unlock new features in the game. This system helps to keep players motivated and rewards them for their hard work and dedication to their virtual restaurant.

1400 levels

There are an amazing 1,400 stages to complete in this game! And if you want to collect more coins, you can replay completed levels as many times as you like. This provides a virtually endless cooking experience, as you’ll likely be hooked on completing all of the levels. With so much content to explore, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hone your cooking skills and become a master chef.

Unique locations

In addition to the food, customers often consider the atmosphere of a restaurant when deciding where to dine. Cooking Fever gives you the opportunity to select from a range of themed locations for your virtual restaurant, including a salad bar, bakery, Italian restaurant, and more. You’ll get to learn how each type of restaurant operates and gain valuable experience managing different types of businesses. The visually beautiful settings enhance the game’s immersion and overall enjoyment.

Upgrade items

You’ll need to upgrade your equipment as your restaurant gains in popularity in order to better service your expanding clientele. You may increase the efficiency of your kitchen appliances by upgrading them with the gold you earn. Each item can be upgraded up to three times, allowing you to continuously improve your restaurant’s capabilities. You can satisfy customer demand and provide them with the best service possible by doing this.

How to install Cooking Fever Mod Apk

To install the mod version of Cooking Fever:

  1. Download the Cooking Fever Mod APK from the link provided.
  2. Uninstall any previous versions of the game (if applicable) and clear all RAM content for faster installation.
  3. Click on the Cooking Fever Mod APK file by going to your device’s download location.
  4. Turn “installations from unknown sources” on in the privacy tab of your device’s general settings.
  5. Allow access to asked permissions, including location to provide region-specific in-game offers and external storage to save your progress on the cloud.

You can start enjoying delectable meals in Cooking Fever Mod APK once these procedures are finished.

Tips to Excel in Cooking Fever Mod Apk

Mastering the culinary world of Cooking Fever Mod Apk requires skill, strategy, and a sprinkle of creativity. Here are some essential tips to help you rise to the top of the virtual gastronomic empire:

1. Prioritize Upgrades

Invest your in-game earnings wisely by prioritizing kitchen upgrades. Improved cooking equipment will speed up your preparation time, ensuring you serve customers more efficiently. Upgrading interior items can also increase customer patience and satisfaction.

2. Diversify Your Menu

Offer a diverse menu to cater to a wide range of customers. Ensure you have a variety of dishes from different cuisines to keep the dining experience fresh and exciting. Experiment with new recipes and find the perfect balance between popular dishes and specialty items.

3. Time Management is Key

In Cooking Fever Mod Apk, time management is crucial to success. Identify peak hours and allocate resources accordingly. Handle rush periods with finesse, and don’t forget to refill ingredients promptly. Remember, happy customers lead to higher rewards!

4. Aim for Combo Bonuses

When you serve multiple customers in quick succession, you trigger combo bonuses. These bonuses boost your earnings and can make a significant difference in your overall score. Aim for combos to maximize your profits and achieve high scores.

5. Be Patient and Persistent

Cooking Fever Mod Apk offers challenging levels that may require multiple attempts to complete successfully. Stay patient, and don’t get discouraged by initial failures. Practice makes perfect, and each attempt will sharpen your skills.


In conclusion, Cooking Fever Mod Apk is a really entertaining and captivating game that lets users feel the thrill of owning and operating a restaurant. With over 1300 dishes to cook and a variety of themed locations to choose from, the game provides endless opportunities for creativity and skill development.

The ability to earn gold and experience, as well as replay completed levels, adds to the replay value of the game. It also keeps the gaming interesting and tough to have the ability to upgrade tools and appliances. All things considered, the Cooking Fever mod apk is a fantastic option for anyone searching for an entertaining and realistic cooking game.

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