How to install games & apps from XAPK, APKs, APK & OBB files

How to install games & apps from XAPK, APKs, APK & OBB files

Before installing an APK file on an Android device, we must ensure that Unknown Sources is turned on. This will help get around the system and let users install apps. Files that does not come from the main sources.

How to install games & apps from XAPK, APKs, APK & OBB files?

The steps are easy, like clicking the Settings icon on the device screen. Then click on Security and check the box that says “Allow installation from sources I don’t know.”
But it would help if you also were careful because when you do this, software and apps that aren’t “safe” will be able to install on your device. This also indicates that the virus is widespread. And Trojans can be sneaky on your phone, so you should pay close attention to them when you install them.
After allowing the device to get software and apps from outside sources without using Google Play, we install the APK file for Android.

How to install APK file?

Before you start, ensure that no other APK or MOD version has ever been installed on your device. If it has, removes it.
Go to our site and download your favorite APK or MOD file.
Allow the device to use apps from unknown sources. This is usually found in the menu under “Personal.” To turn it on, click the button that says “Unknown Sources.”
Click the Install button on the screen after installation. This will install the app or game. (The speed of this process depends on how the device’s hardware is set up.)
The application or game’s icon will appear on the main screen as soon as the installation is done. If you click the icon, you can use it right away.
Note: For some Installer files, clicking on it will launch the resource to set it up as an APK file, and then you can install it like you normally would.

How to install XAPK or APKs file (MODDED-1 SAI)?

Install the MODDED-1 SAI app from Google Play before installing the APK file on your device.
Open the APK app on your device and click the “Install” button.
Go to where you saved the APK file you downloaded in Step 2.
Click the “Select” box. Soon, the “Installation” window will pop up. Select “Installation” to finish the process.

Install the application with Obb data:

Get Obb and unzip it.
Copy your folder into the / SDCARD / Android / Obb folder.
Check the app and open it soon.
Note: You should be careful if an APK file needs too much permission to install. Most malicious apps will steal your personal information to do something bad. If you need more clarification about the APK file, stop and don’t install it.

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